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Exclusive Modern Kitchen Design to Inspire everyone

All kind of modern kitchen design is decorated with x-factor at one point or another.What does this x-factor refer to by the way in this sentence?It means “center of attraction” in the room; any accessory which can completely transform the appearance and layout of the space is known to have an x-factor, it could be anything such as lighting, chandelier or island.

Gone are the days when you need to pay hundred of dollars for having the kitchen cabinets refaced during remodeling procedure because this is the only thing known to upgrade the layout of traditional kitchen to a modern kitchen design. Today you do need to pay extra money for refacing or other jobs unless you have a good layout in hand to get started. All modern style interior in the kitchen is done in a well thought manner compared to before where only designers would design the space without knowing what the homeowners really want. Let’s make a simple comparison between latest and old style kitchen interior to find out what is going around us and how designers are making modern kitchens.

Compact vs traditional vs Modern kitchen design

All old style kitchen interior was done with dark wood materials. The same material would be used for cabinet refacing and flooring- some materials which were common in use were wood, cherry wood,oak and cypress to use in a modern kitchen design. Today you can use even more materials and mix them with the stainless steel material or aluminum material to add diversity to the space of modern kitchens. I would say that today kitchen decor is way more advanced and compact than it used to be ten years ago and all the credit to the advancement in the interior should go to the designers who are creative.

Versatility and Variety in Modern kitchen design

If you review some traditional style kitchen interior or vintage style interior of old times you will note that they had a kind of autonomous appearance. The same wood was being used everywhere else and there was less variety in terms of color and patterns compared to today.  These days interior designers are making the use of wall murals, abstract art and paintings in the modern kitchens to give a pop of sophistication. Uniqueness is what you are looking for in the decoration and this can be only achieved once you get your decoration done by a professional.

Luxury style lighting

I must say that in old kitchen decoration lighting was an attractive feature for being beautiful. Today more variations of the same designs are being introduced, of many one of one is crystal chandelier lighting fixtures which is fixed atop of the dining table or island in the kitchen area and it gives a impression to everyone. It’s not that all crystal chandeliers are expensive, they have a luxury look but in real they are available at affordable price for the dreamy modern kitchen design you are looking to create.

  1. Cute bell shaped stainless steel pendant lighting and dark wood cabinets with in built oven.


2.Modern lighting fixtures along with block textured wall cabinets and stainless steel sink in modern kitchen interior.


3. Wonderful color theme with ceiling led lighting white modern kitchen with LCD on the cabinets.


4.  Wonderful glass ceiling in open style kitchen with wooden cabinets in square shaped kitchen design. Breakfast nook with four seats make for the wonderful eat in facility.


5. Installation of glass ceiling for sunlight in black and stainless steel silver themed kitchen.  Glass kitchen cabinets are adding a classy touch.


6. Vintage style  artwork on the cabinets with pendant lights hanging from the  ceiling design. The use of matching furniture and kitchen island make for the best interior I have ever seen.

7. The use of luxury chandelier pendant lighting over the kitchen island in kitchen area looks great. There are beautiful cream cabinets everywhere in the interior.


8. This is wonderful green and yellow themed modern kitchen theme with onyx countertop attached with the island.


9. The majestic kitchen lighting hanging from the black ceiling panels over the kitchen island.


10. The use of graphical artwork on the floor tiles are making for hidden kitchen cabinets. The use of stainless steel accessories have given a wonderful makeover to the open style kitchen space.


If you want to share your ideas and comments on modern kitchen design, you are welcome. We are looking forward to knowing what you think and want to share.




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